Stay safe while enjoying our beautiful wild areas

Safety tips, practical advice and exciting ideas for days out


Britain’s countryside is among the most beautiful in the world, and also among the safest in terms of dangerous wild aminals or poisonous plants.

There are still some dangers to look out for.

Do you know how to tell a harmless grass snake from a deadly British adder?

Could you recognise Britain’s most dangerous insect?

Do you know which common wild flower could give you severe skin burns?

Learn to recognise Britain’s Dirty Dozen Dangers, and know what to do┬áso you can enjoy our wonderful countryside without risk.

How to check for ticks

Ticks can walk long distances inside your clothing till they find a warm spot to bite you. You will not feel a thing, even while they are drinking blood. Watch this film by tick expert Dan Wolff to learn how to check your body in the right places!

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