General safety advice

Preparation and things to take when you go out When you go out to enjoy the countryside, always take the following in your pocket: Tick remover tweezers. Tick remover tweezers are also ideal for removing bee stingers, hairy caterpillars and thorns. Disinfectant wipes. Any cut, sting or injury should be disinfected as soon as possible … More General safety advice


What does it look like? The one poisonous snake in Britain is the Adder. It is recognisable by the black, zig-zag edged strips along its entire back and its red eyes with a vertical slit. Why are they dangerous? Most of the snakes in Britain are fairly harmless. Even though their bites can hurt a … More Adders

Biting spiders

What does it look like? False widow spider False widow spider:¬†They grow to 2 centimetres across and are a dark brown colour with a bulbous abdomen.¬†This spider has a well-deserved reputation as Britains most dangerous spider, although there are no reported deaths and bites are quite rare. Adult female false widow spiders are known to … More Biting spiders