The Dirty Dozen Dangers in the British Countryside

Britain’s countryside is among the most beautiful in the world, and also among the safest in terms of dangerous wild aminals or poisonous plants.

There are still some dangers to look out for, so you can enjoy being in close contact with nature without your children, yourself or your pets being at risk.

What are the Dirty Dozen Dangers?

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1 – Bees, wasps and hornets

2 – Ticks


3 – Horseflies

4 – Biting spiders

5 – Hairy caterpillars (of the oak processionary moth)

6 – Adders

7 – Deer and cows

8 – Stinging nettles

9 – Giant hogweed

10 – Thorns

11 – Poisonous plants

12 – Parsnip plant