Biting spiders

What does it look like? False widow spider False widow spider: They grow to 2 centimetres across and are a dark brown colour with a bulbous abdomen. This spider has a well-deserved reputation as Britains most dangerous spider, although there are no reported deaths and bites are quite rare. Adult female false widow spiders are known to … More Biting spiders


What does it look like? Why is it dangerous? Female horseflies have sharp cutting parts which can saw through even the skin of an ox, and then drink the blood from their wound. Only the females bite, as they need protein to produce their eggs: the males feed only from plants. The photograph above of … More Horseflies


What does it look like? Ticks are arachnids (related to spiders). They have eight legs, and look like spiders with unusually large bodies. Ticks have four stages in their lifecycle. As a human, you would be more likely to be bitten by a nymph tick. They are tiny black or brown specs the size of … More Ticks